Brian Glicklich


Digitally Focused Crisis & Strategic Communications
and Online Reputation Management

for High Performing Organizations and Prominent Individuals

When it comes to public opinion, first impressions count, and Digital Strategies helps large organizations and prominent individuals advance and defend their interests in strategy and communications.


  • Crisis Management in Social and Traditional Media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) driven by technology and Public Relations
  • Online Reputation Management, in search engine results and reviews
  • Media Relations
  • Litigation Communications, both plaintiff and defendant
  • Boycott Defense and Brand Safety Initiatives
  • Shareholder and Short Seller Activism Defense
  • Public Affairs, Entitlements, and Voter Initiatives

Communications activity happens mostly online, through formal and informal channels that cumulatively define your business or reputation. We have twenty years of experience working in all of these channels to protect your interests, and proactively enhance them.

Our staff is made up of strategists, technologists, writers and digital experts in all areas of communications. It's a new model for delivering the right message to the right audience.

Whether your problem is one of reputation, litigation, or legislation, we can help. Contact CEO Brian Glicklich for a rapid and straightforward assessment of your matter.


We break news worldwide on behalf of our clients. 


Core Practice Areas

Total Crisis Management

When crisis strikes, we assist our clients in developing and executing authentic, effective strategies across all of your stakeholders: customers, investors, media, and employees. We have deep experience in the highest profile business & personal crises of the last two decades.

Reputation & Search Engine

If you have negative Google search engine results, contact us. Our Online Reputation Management & SEO practice is best of class in correcting problems through on-page, off-page, and Media driven search engine optimization. Our approach is fundamentally different than other firms, and it works.

Public Relations

Digital PR is a brand new way of looking at earned media. We start with a strategic look at messaging for your organization, and execute through high level media relations and article placement for maximum visibility.

Public Affairs

Entitlements, voter initiations, legislation or regulation... we create end-to-end communications that work with your lobbyists, staff and legal resources.

Social Media Strategy

We create rapid, large scale social media strategies that support and extend your objectives.

Website & App Building

We build tactical web products quickly, cleanly, & beautifully, so you can put them to work faster. Often in days or weeks.


Our Work:

Digital Strategies is Engaged by High Performance Organizations
and Individuals in High Stakes Situations

Public Affairs

We create and deliver end-to-end campaigns for legislation, regulation, initiatives, entitlements, and public policy. We have twenty years of experience creating effective campaigns to move opinion on business matters.

Boycott Defense

No organization has more experience defeating special interest advocacies harassing your organization with digital and physical brand boycotts and business disruptions, quickly.

Breach Communications

When your systems are breached, a pragmatic strategy developed by experts can protect the future of your business. We have advised on the largest breaches in the U.S.

Civil/Criminal Litigation

When you sue or are sued, your business reputation is at stake. When you are criminally charged, your freedom is at stake. We develop communication strategies to defend you and your interests in public opinion.

Shareholder Activism

We represent public companies facing shareholder initiatives and activism, using our own digital toolsets, and effective comprehensive strategies delivered with great speed.

Short Seller Defense

When publicly traded companies are attacked by short sellers, We help develop strategies to protect against the negative effects of their media and whisper campaigns.


Online anonymity is a breeding ground for threats, and our forensic resources identify, assess, and remediate gadfly and stalkers. We deploy a team with investigators, counsel, & specialists, working 24/7.

Reputation Management

If your online reputation is damaged, we are experts at developing and deploying mitigation solutions, using two decades of experience in online reputation management that really works.

Filmed Communications

Video moves opinion in ways beyond that of the printed word, and we develop and produce persuasive video products in conjunction with many of our plans .

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