Crisis Management and Messaging in the College Admissions Scandal…

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In the first days of the U.S. Attorney’s charges against parents and coaches in the current “Varsity Blues” college admissions scandal at USC, UCLA, Yale and other schools, media coverage has been predictably negative and hyperbolic. Those who have been criminally charged have been subjected to the full force of the government’s ability to attract publicity. They are being punished by advocacy communications. This is often intended to encourage the voluntary cooperation of earlier participants, against whom the evidence will not be as compelling… or as salacious.

As for the legal case… that is best left to the attorneys. But many families caught in this college admissions scandal have already faced serious reputation damage. This damage is in excess of the current status of the case, which it is important to note, is unproven. Defendants have been fired and lost their business relationships, children of defendants are being pressured to withdraw from school and similarly ostracized.

If you are targeted by media in the current college recruiting scandal, it’s important to know you have messaging choices that can, over time, limit the damage to your reputation and employment. The role of a crisis communications firm in these matter is to work side by side with your legal counsel to defend you in the court of public opinion, which may be every bit as important as criminal court in defining your family’s future.

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