Brian Glicklich


Brian Glicklich, CEO of Digital Strategies, is an expert authority and regular broadcast & print commentator on crisis and strategic communications management:

  • Digital Advocacy, Boycott, and Litigation
  • Search Engine Results and Reputation Management
  • Cybersecurity, Data Breaches and Best Practices
  • Online Harassment, Bullying, and Stalking directed against Children and Adults

He is frequently quoted in broadcast and print media, and has worked with many very high profile individuals and corporations remediating serious issues in these areas.

Digital Strategies assists high profile individuals and businesses to strategize and execute to use digital spaces effectively and quickly… when stakes are high and real results are imperative.

Cases frequently include proxy contests, digital lobbying in legislative and regulatory advocacy at the State and Federal level, criminal or civil litigation digital support, search engine results management, labor/management conflict, and grassroots advocacy for commerce or other objectives. Past and current clients include Fortune 50 CEOs and their organizations, broadcasters, and many others.