Some of Our Success Stories:

Defend Against Negative Publicity

The host of a world leading late night talk show was under attack by fans of another show, who positioned him as old and out of touch. We developed and deployed a complete social media campaign that dominated his competition in under six weeks, and set the stage for years of additional ratings and advertiser success.

Prepare for Testimony & Media Scrutiny

A very large retailer's senior executives were subpoenaed to testify before Congress on a data breach. We helped interpret the real time reporting of their cybersecurity professionals and prepared them for testimony and successive public communications that were successful in delivering their messages.

Get Media Attention

Our client, a large retailer, was denied access to a Super Bowl ad buy on specious grounds. We turned the denial into a news story, and generated millions of dollars of earned media from hundreds of sources. Our spokesperson made a live guest appearance on The Tonight Show, and our "rejected ad" was aired on national media that included every network morning show. Ultimate earned media generated was in excess of $5 million.

Protect Intellectual Property

Our client represents one of the world leading music artists. Recently, unreleased tracks from the artist were stolen and offered for sale online. We were engaged to forensically identify the person behind this, and create a defensible evidence chain. In a matter of days, we identified and located the thief, assisted counsel in drafting subpoena language, and assisted in securing the intellectual property and prosecuting the offender.

Defend Against Proxy fight

Our client is a publicly traded company who was attached by a dissident institutional shareholder for board control via a proxy contest. We built (in 36 hours) a tactical website that examined each of the dissident's claims, and debunked them with facts. We constructed an online media buy to assure that those looking for information on the proxy would see our defense. The proxy failed to be passed.

Stop Stalkers and gadflys

Our client is the CEO of a Fortune 100 public traded company, and was targeted by an online stalker who published his home address, his and his spouse's phone numbers, and the schools his children attend. We worked with the company's General Counsel, outside criminal counsel and law enforcement to quickly identify the perpetrator so that they could be arrested and charged.

Boost revenue to prepare for exit event

Our client was a privately held direct response financial service company preparing for an exit event. We were brought in to review and remediate negative reputation elements online and provide consultative services to maximize their revenue leading up to the sale. The sale was ultimately concluded to a public company at a multiple in excess of their projections.

Halt Union Interference

Our manufacturing client was the target of a union interference effort that put the future of the company in jeopardy. We created a tactical website, briefed financial and general media, and bought advocacy advertising presenting our point of view. Ultimately, the interference effort failed, and our client continues in business and stronger than ever today..